This highly effective treatment is revolutionary in wrinkle smoothing and eyelid tightening, dramatically reducing hooded eyelids revealing the open eye…


Effect principle of non invasive Fibroblast

This effective treatment is revolutionary in wrinkle smoothing.

Fibroblast is a non-surgical non -invasive treatment, where the plasma flash shrinks excess skin & wrinkles around the eye area.

All adults with excess skin or wrinkles around the eye area are eligible for treatment. The causes can be hereditary, lack of good skincare, ageing & smoking.

Areas that can be treated with excellent results are lower eyes, crows feet, nasolabial, upper lip, lower face & forehead. All crepey skin has a smoother finish too.

Fibroblast Results

Eyes are opened and wider, firmed with the eyelid skin tightened, subtly sharpened and less crepey. Eyelids feel lighter, the heavy lid subtly reduced. Eyelids are smoother. The application of make -up is easier and has increased longevity.

Contact me for a consultation to see what Fibroblast can do for your eyes, your face and your self esteem.


Under eye area £250

Upper and lower eye £350

Crows feet £250

Upper eyelids, under eye & Crows feet £500

Nasolabial folds £250

Smokers lip lines £250

Lower lip to chin £250

Cheeks £300

Milia/ Skintag removal 50


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